Campus of Ogíjares, Granada, Spain

The partner corporation of Deep University is Labosfor, a spin-off of the University of Granada.
Campus location. Ogíjares is a locality very close to the city of Granada, with a population of 13,681 persons. Its geographic location and good communications with Granada makes this an attractive place for the creation of a Deep University Campus. Ogíjares is an expansion of the city of Granada, with all the educative, sanitary and cultural services of that city, but with a more relax environment and lower population density.

Dr. Long on Campus project
Regional Map

Symbolism of Granada's flag. The Olive tree symbolizes peace, prosperity and happiness as it is the case in many traditions, like the Judeo-Christian or Muslim one; for the Greeks and Romans the tree is symbol of peace. Still now, it symbolized the universal character of peace and figures in the United Nations' flag.

Ease of access to the Granada Campus for international students. Ogíjares is 4km away from Granada, taking the highway or using a secondary road for those wanting a more rural character to the commute. It is 15 minutes from the Granada-Jaen airport and 1 hour by car from the International airport of Malaga (another city further south). Ogíjares is also 35 minutes by car from the warm beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and 30 minutes from ski resorts in the Sierra Nevada, a high mountain range and most southern ski areas of Europe (Table 1). This situation makes it a wonderful place for studying and deep reflection, as well as for the development of cultural and sporting activities. In addition, Ogíjares has an Olympic swimming pool, high level sporting installations and a municipal school of music.

Geographical zone. Ogíjares is located in an area called Vega de Granada, characterized by a plain in the west—to the exception of the hills with thermal springs called Sierra Elvira—and by mountains in the rest of the area, including the Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Huetor and Sierra de la Alfaguara. The Vega de Granada area is linked a culture of water with roots into the Roman and Arabic times. The many rivers in the area allows for an agricultural landscape and the existence of a Mediterranean forest that gives a unique aspect to the region.

A more quiet life. Even so close to Granada, life in Ogíjares is relax, in contact with nature, and the rural and mountainous landscape promote a harmonious relationship with nature. In addition, the region displays a rich gastronomy tradition based on the use of natural and local products.


Granada, a university city. The city of Granada is intimately linked to the University of Granada funded in 1531 by the Emperor Carlos I. It has more than 80,000 students, 3,700 professors, and 20,000 foreign students of all over the world. It is the University in Europe, which receives and sends the major number of students to European exchange program of Erasmus.

Availability of land for Deep University. The Ogíjares town council has land that can be yielded to DU for the construction of a campus. The relationships of LabOSfor with local authorities are excellent, which would help negotiations for the construction and initiation of academic activities.

Granada Cathedral
Granada Cathedral
Granada City
Granada City
Inner Court
Inner Court
Granada Central Fountain
Granada Central Fountain

What attracts foreign students. The University has 5 campuses across town, campuses in Ceuta and Melilla in Northern Africa, a great climate, many cultural activities, beautiful natural landscape, and world famous monuments like the Alhambra and the Granada Cathedral.

What attracts foreign professors. In addition to the above, professors enjoy ease of collaboration with other prestigious Spanish Universities like Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela and Sevilla. This allows for an international professorship of high academic level, which could also be part of the academic activities of DU.

Ease to organize visits to other European universities and countries. In less than 2 hours flight, flying out of Malaga, a DU student could be in Paris, Rome or London and in 3 hours in Berlin, Bruxel, Helsinki or Prague.

Be the first to develop academic activities in the la Vega region. The location of a permanent campus in Ogíjares would be pioneering. This suggests the collaboration of local and provincial authorities, as well as cultural agents like Unesco.

Land and Services for the Ogíjares Campus

The City Council can yield land for 25 or 50 years in exchange of the effective construction of installations and initiation of activities. Contact has already been made and the authorities are favorable to a Deep University project. The next step is to present a more concrete Campus project. It is evaluated that the land size at disposal would allow a campus for 150 students.

There are two parcels, contiguous, of 10,000 and 7,000 m2 respectively, which total 17,000 m2 (1.7 hectares / 4.2 acres). Picture 11 presents a general view of the two parcels, and in Picture 12 is a plan of the form and relative dimensions, at the scales of 1:5,000. These are the parcels colored in purple, marked with D and CS. The parcels are not built. The view is majestic over Granada to the N-NW and the Sierra Nevada (S/SE). The lots are 5 min away by foot from sport facilities for soccer and other sports. There is a bus stop for Granada one minute by foot and the center of Ogíjares is 10 minutes by foot, and the Olympic swimming pool 15 minutes by foot.

The lots are in a residential zone known as “beautiful hill” (Lomalinda), with all kinds of shops, restaurants, and cultural and social buildings. In the neighboring streets are a few small grocery shops, and a park. Juxtaposing the lots is the Municipal School of Music, which is occupied only in the afternoon. It has very good installations for teaching and the realization of music or instrument classes in the morning. The lots belong to the Township of Ogíjares and could be ceded for the construction and development of Deep University activities.

In addition, LabOSfor has offices and lecture halls in Ogíjares that could be used for some formative activities if necessary. An alternative option would be to use those as base of the DU in Spain. Third. Distances are short in Ogíjares, allowing walking from one place to the other. Fourth. The presence of a municipal music school (which offices could be used by professors in the morning), an Olympic swimming pool, and sporting installations of high level, should be considered a plus for the creation of a Deep University campus in Ogíjares. Buses to Granada are also available, as well as all sorts of shops.

View on the Alhambra
View on the Alhambra

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